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Growing your business using social media

Social Media has unquestioningly changed the way we share information on the internet. While giant platforms like Facebook and Twitter provide an additional space for companies to expand brand awareness, there are also more subtle ways of using Social Media Optimization to increase search engine optimization in addition to being a valuable marketing tool.

Sunray Web Solution follow a new trend of communication with the online community of internet users through social networking that often involves grouping specific individuals or organizations together with sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, Blinklist, Digg & much more.

Whether you're after a blog to match the look and feel of your site, or need social media buttons installed on each of your product pages you've come to the right place.

What We Can Offer You

  • Social Media Set Up
  • Want a business page on Facebook that's only viewable to a particular country? Or how about sprucing up your twitter page? If you haven't time to learn the ins and outs we can not only get you up and running, but install additional plugins to optimize your social media pages for your audience. We'll also get those all important "Like" and "Follow Us" Buttons installed on your site.

  • Blogging
  • Creating a blog is a great way to add a more personal touch to your company's site. Users love to know there are human beings living and breathing beyond the website blurb and encouraging this belief and interaction can really help improve customer loyalty. Not only that, but blogging is a great SEO tool as search engines like Google simply love new content. We can build you a blog in the industry favorite CMS WordPress and even write search engine-optimized copy for you!

  • Competitions
  • Having a Facebook page isn't enough when it comes to marketing. You'll need to interact and build relationships with your customers if you want to keep them coming back and build your brand awareness. Marketing competitions, prize draws and special offers is one such way to pull in new customers and we've got the experience to show just how it should be done!

  • Reporting
  • We uses Google Analytics and other monitoring tools to find out just what your Social Media Optimization Services are doing for you. Are you getting enough backlinks from Facebook? Have you explored the full potential of posting on Pinterest? We'll offer full monthly reports as part of our SMO package and advise on how you can make the most of your existing social media.

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